Private Investigations

For discrete investigative matters, Fleming Protection & Security Inc. offers a full range of specialized services. Our highly experienced investigators have been trained to handle your requests quietly, confidentially and efficiently while remaining compliant with local, provincial/territorial and federal laws. We uncover the truth, delivering the facts and details in an unbiased and independent manner.

Our Services

  • Surveillance – When you are looking for evidence in a dispute, turn to Fleming Protection & Security Inc. Our covert surveillance can gather information for issues such as personal injury claims, worker’s compensation cases and corporate matters. With the right experience and know-how, the appropriate vehicles to blend with the surroundings and the latest digital recording equipment, our investigators will supply you with a comprehensive report of our findings.
  • Private Investigations – We offer investigative services supporting your need for evidence and information in a criminal or matrimonial investigation, as well as corporate investigations of your company’s security, internal or external theft. Fleming Protection & Security Inc. will provide an in-depth examination of your issue.
  • Mystery Shoppers - Actively protect your company’s best interests and ensure your employees are adhering to your highest level of service standards. Regardless if you are a large chain operation or “mom & pop shop”, gain firsthand insight into the customer experience your business is offering. Using mystery shoppers impacts your bottom line in terms of retail loss prevention and inventory control.
  • Post-Incident Investigation – In conjunction with your company’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies, we can help investigate the root cause of the accident. Fact finding can lead to actions which will help prevent future accidents and damage.