Vehicle and personal GPS tracking for business or individual uses. Track your vehicle, your children, your employees, or who/whatever else you need to keep tabs on. Track your device on your mobile phone or computer or let Fleming take care of it all for you. With a multitude of features like geofencing, aggressive driving alerts, fall alarms for the elderly, and much, much more, this is a service you won’t want to miss out on!

Real-Time Tracking

View the location of your devices in real time from the website or the convenient mobile app, keep tabs on employees, family members, and more


Get instant alerts about your devices, when it enters or exits a geo fencing zone, when it’s activated at an unnatural hour, when your employees are driving aggressively, even turn off the engine in the event your vehicle is stolen

History and Reports

Get an extensive report on your devices whereabouts and activities including stops, distance traveled, fuel consumption, and more


Set boundaries for your devices to ensure that your vehicles, employees, children, or family members don’t enter or leave areas they shouldn’t

Points of Interest

You can add markers at locations such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc, this lets you see when an employee is slacking off, or measure the distances and let traveling workers know when they’re close to their destination


Download one of our mobile GPS tracking apps and gain access to your tools and tracking from any Android, Windows, or Apple device

SMS Gateway

Instantly get sms/texts to your smart phone about important events such as vehicle speeding, theft, SOS alerts, engine on and off, contact employees directly, and keep in contact with children who have the personal tracker