Residential Alarms and Security

Protect what is most valuable to you. Keep your home secure from intruders, fire and carbon monoxide. Are you ready to take the next step and automate your home? All you need is your cell phone, laptop or tablet to monitor and control temperature, lights, flood detection and your garage door, even when you are away on holidays.

Call Fleming Protection & Security Inc. today to have one of our expert team of security specialists come out and examine your individual needs and the layout of your home to recommend the security, alarm service and automation solution that fits your needs.

Professionally installed and monitored, our systems are backed with comprehensive warranties and the highest level of customer service. Gain peace of mind that your family, pets and property are safe.

Commercial Alarms and Security

Without security, your business can fall victim to burglaries, employee theft and environmental hazards. Restrict and manage business access, increase employee safety and protect your assets with our services. Alarms, automated solutions, video recording and security let you protect your company when you are not present. Contact us today to discover the security and alarm solution for you.

CCTV Remote Video Security

Whether residential or commercial, CCTV can alert security to suspicious activity for around-the-clock protection. Know what is happening in any area of your property through discretely placed cameras. From standalone cameras to highly integrated CCTV systems, our state-of-the art monitoring allows for a higher level of security, all accessible from your smart device.