Dedicated Connection

Our system operates using a dedicated cellular connection, so your property remains secure even if the phone line is cut, the power is out, or the Internet is down.


Total Control

Arm and disarm your system from anywhere, check your system’s status, and get notified of activity at your property using our powerful smarter security app.


Trusted Solutions

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and technology powered by — the platform trusted by over 5 million people to protect their homes and businesses.


Proactive Safeguards

Easily set rules so your property responds automatically in an emergency to keep you safe. Receive a notification if you forget to arm your system and always know if an alarm is triggered. We even send life-saving alerts to residents in the path of weather-related danger.

Designing a customized home check solution is something you should take seriously and should be considered as part of your family homes emergency action plan.

  • Survey the entire residence.
    On approach and before departure, our guards will conduct a survey ensuring their tasks have been complete accordingly.
  • Confirm the residence is properly armed and secure.
    Before leaving our guards will check your alarms are set and the building is secure.
  • Provide reports.
    It is possible for us to provide you with detailed reports. Information on how often we came to visit, the tasks complete and notes regarding any maintenance. The reports can be delivered to you  upon request or emailed out every month.
  • Not only can we work with your alarm company - we can be your alarm company.
    Imagine a local company responding within seconds when your alarms go off. No re-ruiting to a call center somewhere else in the country. We can respond instantly, let you know if its a real alarm or just call the police. It doesn't matter if you are at work or on holiday we have you covered. Our services can be 100 percent tailored to suit your needs.

External checks

  • Check for damages (broken windows; blocked drains)
  • Conduct an external check and bring in any mail, newspapers, and flyers
  • Inspect and ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling; hydro; water and pipes)

Internal checks

  • Vary lighting and drapes, collect mail, flyers and newspapers
  • Check inside the home for proper temperature, and verify that no leaks, floods or power failures have occurred
  • Inspect and ensure all systems are operational (heating and cooling, water and pipes)